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The most significant shift in consumer culture is happening and we're excited to be a part of it. Kick your tired agency to the curb and give us a try. You'll never think about your digital marketing the same way again!

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  • Strategy first, then tactics

  • Solve for the business dilemma,
    not the budget

  • One size does NOT fit all

  • Technologies are tools in a toolbox

  • Creativity is NOT a commodity

Our Core Beliefs... 

  • Be authentic and lead with passion

  • Do good work

  • Be selective

  • Be a partner, not a vendor

  • Replace presentations with conversations

  • Diagnose before you prescribe


Since 1999, Novus Sententia has been helping clients find success by demystifying digital marketing and technology concepts and demonstrating how these crucial, but often misunderstood tools can be applied practically and measurably to their businesses. Our passion is helping organizations leverage digital technologies to enhance communication, improve processes, increase productivity, strengthen relationships, open new markets, reduce costs, provide better service and to stay at the head of the curve.



We're a passionate and curious bunch.  We're culture tweakers. rule breakers, game changers, world travelers, aspiring artists, home brewers, makers, musicians and off-road enthusiasts. But above all we're real people just like you and your customers. We like to take a deep dive into your brand, swim around in your numbers and re-think your entire customer experience from scratch because no convention is sacred here and the status is far from quo. That's what happens when you fill a building with brilliant, creative, passionate and inquisitive minds that care about what they do and who they do it for.

Who We Are

  • We are a collective of thought leaders and industry veterans experienced with innovation and insight in all things digital 

  • We are a group capable of strategic relevance with the ability to make an impact through
    the practical application of strategy, creativity and technology

  • We apply a scientific method to obtain discipline in strategy, creativity and technology.

What We Are

We are in the business of building relationships between:

  • Brand and audience

  • Products/services and users/consumers

  • Evolving events and media

  • Financial information and investors

  • Business processes and employees

  • Opportunities and partners

What We Do

  • We consult to analyze needs, opportunities
    and solutions.

  • We solve for interactivity, information, identity, commerce and communication.

  • We develop solutions for marketing, commerce and business communication dilemmas.

  • We provide digital positioning and exposure management.

  • We create and manage programs, campaigns and initiatives 

Who Are Our Clients

  • Our clients want to break through techno-clutter and competitive noise.

  • Our clients want to attain and maintain leadership
    in identity, services, information, communication
    and commerce.

  • Our clients are large organizations, either in scope
    or in thinking.

  • Our clients challenge us so that our creativity is piqued.

  • Our clients hire us to think with and for them ... to solve with and for them.

  • Our clients want us to become a partner, a consultant and a guide... not just a vendor.



We are the straight-talking, no B.S. digital marketing partner you've been looking for. Let us remove the shroud of mystery and show you how digital marketing can be applied practically, measurably and

successfully to achieve your business and marketing goals.


There's something you should know about us right from the start, and that is we ARE NOT a "full service, integrated, multi-channel blah blah blah" agency. We are a Digital Marketing and Strategy consultancy. Digital is our purpose. It's our passion. It's all we do.  

Content Marketing

  • Editorial Calendar Creation & Management

  • Content Creation, Curation & Promotion

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Content and Social Analytics

Digital Strategy & Planning

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Audience Research, Insights & Targeting

  • Customer Experience Mapping

  • Digital/Mobile/Local Strategy & Planning

  • Content Strategy & Persona Development

  • Campaign/Program Strategy & Planning

  • PPC & Conversion Optimization Strategy

  • Organic & Paid Social Engagement Strategy

  • eCommerce Strategy & Planning

Digital Creative & Development

  • User Experience Design

    • Mobile Responsive Websites & Landing Pages​

    • Mobile Apps

    • Mobile Responsive Web Apps

  • Web and Social Video Creation & Production

  • Custom Web and Mobile App Development

  • eCommerce

  • Content Management Systems

  • Emerging Platforms

  • Legacy Systems integration

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Campaigns

  • Social Content & Creative

  • Community Management

  • Influencer Engagement

  • Custom Social Development

    • Snapchat Geofilters​

    • Live Social Media Video

    • Inline Instagram Ads

    • Facebook Stories

    • Custom Facebook Pages

    • Social Commerce Activation

  • Social Customer Service Programs

  • Crisis Response

  • Reporting and Analytics

Paid & Organic Search

  • SEM Audits & Competitive Analysis

  • Keyword Research & Consulting

  • Content Optimization

  • Local Optimization

  • Pay-per-click Campaign Management

  • Pay-per-click Performance & ROI Analytics

Email and Marketing Automation

  • Email Marketing

  • Segmentation & Marketing Automation

  • Behavioral Marketing

  • Loyalty Initiatives

  • Digital Customer Service

Decision Science

  • KPI/Success Metrics Definition & Management

  • Data and KPI Analysis

  • Consumer Data Analytics

  • Marketing, Social and CRM Analytics

  • Data Monetization